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  2. The Prince of Tennis
  3. Bleach
  4. Death note
  5. NANA
  6. One Piece
  7. Gundam
  8. EVA
  11. Final Fantasy1
  12. Final Fantasy2
  14. Jigoku_Shoujo
  15. Fate stay night
  16. Dynasty Warriors
  17. Keroro Gunso
  18. Detective conan
  19. Shakugan No Shana
  20. Card Captor Sakura
  21. D.Gray-man
  22. TsubasaII
  23. Slam Dunk
  24. Yu Gi Oh
  25. My HiME
  26. Fullmetal Alchemist
  27. Snoopys Story
  28. Inuyasha
  29. Barbie
  30. Doraemon
  31. Mickey
  32. Saint Seiya
  33. LoveLess
  34. ranma1/2
  35. KERORO
  36. TOTORO
  37. Chobits
  38. Paradise
  39. YuYu Hakusho
  40. Rurouni Kenshin
  41. Rozen Maiden
  42. HunterXHunter
  43. ikki tousen
  44. Fruits Basket
  45. living and death
  46. Trinity Blood
  47. Angel Sanctuary
  48. World Of Warcraft
  49. The King of Fighter
  50. Super Mario
  51. Street Fighter
  52. RO
  53. Kuroshitsuji
  54. hitman reborn
  55. metal gear solid
  56. GEASS
  57. CrossFire
  58. Gintama
  60. les vampire
  61. hostclub
  63. K-ON!
  64. Shugo Chara
  65. Miku.Hatsune
  66. Dungeon N Fighter
  67. Renkinsankyuu
  68. Domo Kun
  69. Shin.Sangokumusou
  70. fairy tail
  71. StarrySky
  72. Pandora Hearts
  73. Lucky Star
  74. lineage2
  75. Avatar
  76. Hetalia Axis Powers
  77. Nightmare before christmas
  78. sonic
  79. Black Rock Shooter
  80. Pokemon
  81. SailorMoon
  82. Suzumiya Haruhi
  83. hakuouki
  84. SpongBob
  85. spider man
  86. batman
  87. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
  88. Magical Girl
  89. Dyurarara
  91. magzinger
  93. cafe
  94. south park
  95. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga Nai Portable
  96. Persona
  97. Plants vs Zombies
  98. Smurfs
  99. Angel beats
  100. Mikoto Misaka
  101. GAIKING
  102. Ao no Exorcist
  103. Rilakkuma
  104. natsume yuujinchou
  105. Kuroko no Basuke
  106. Sword Art Online
  107. The Note Of Ghoul
  108. guilty crown
  109. k
  110. Magic Flute
  111. avengers
  112. league of legends
  113. Attack on Titan
  114. The HENTAI prince and the stony cat
  115. Tokyo Ghoul
  116. DOTA2
  117. Assassination Classroom
  119. My Hero Academia
  120. Seven deadly sins
  121. the legend of zelda
  122. BTS
  123. RWBY
  124. Game of Thrones
  125. Fortnite
  126. Apex Legends
  127. Star Wars
  128. Overwatch
  129. Assassin Creed
  130. Overlord
  131. hello kitty
  132. Demon Slayer Kimets
  133. JoJos Bizarre Adventure
  134. Rick and Morty
  135. Haikyuu
  136. danganronpa
  137. jujutsu kaisen
  138. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun
  139. SK8 the Infinity
  140. DARLING in the FRANXX
  141. Tokyo Revengers
  142. genshin impact
  143. Ranking of Kings
  144. My Dress-Up Darling
  145. Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid
  146. Bungo Stray Dogs
  147. Spirited Away
  149. The Promised Neverland
  150. chainsaw man
  151. Bocchi the rock
  152. Blue Lock
  153. black clover

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Shipping Guide

Shipping Methods Guide
This page shows you how to choose a shipping method for your order, estimate shipping cost and shipping times, and gives other useful information oncrazyanimewholesale shipping process.
Choose a Shipping Method
You can choose the shipping method you want during the Checkout process. There are three main shipping methods to choose from:
We offer two UPS shipping way:
Express Saver: 2-3 days, fit for order less than 20kg.
Expedited: 3-5 days, fit for order more than 20kg.
UPS serves worldwide.
It is fit for all kinds of orders. But there is no EMS services for some country & regions.
EMS charges cost according to order real weight, not volume weight. So if your order has big size, we advise EMS.
You will get less taxes in your costums if delivered by EMS.
We offer DHL shiping way. More details, please emails us.

We offer FEDEX shiping way. More details, please emails us.
We offer TNT shiping way. More details, please emails us.
We offer airfreight.  It is fit for big orders. Usually delivery time will be within one week.  The only problem is that you have to clear orders from costums and pick up orders yourself.
We offer seafreight. It is fit for big orders. Usually delivery time will be 30days orso. The only problem is that you have to clear orders from costums and pick up orders yourself. But we can offer door to door services for some countries.
SAL(Surface Air Lifted):
 if taxes in your country is very heavy, and you do not care delivery time, we advise SAL. Usually delivery time will be 30-40 days orso.
Standard post services:
if taxes in your country is very heavy, and you do not care delivery time, we advise Standard post services. It is fit for small orders. Usually delivery time will be 14 days orso.
Usually we will advise best and cheapest shipping way for you.
Calculate Shipping Costs
Shipping costs will be calculated individually for each order based on the number and weight of items in your order, as well as the shipping method chosen after your send order. Please just wait for our quotations and advices.
Estimate Total Delivery Time
Total Delivery Time = Processing Time  + Shipping Time
Usually we need 1-3 days to produce and prepare for your orders. Bigger orders, longer Processing Time.

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  • High quality and best prices
  • As the biggest anime toys wholesale and distributor company, we supply anime figure merchandises.japanese anime products wholesale like plush doll,manga. You will always get discounted prices. Experience professional service and quality products made in China today.
  • Minimum Orders
  • usually customer order $300
  • Free and easy to Join
  • It only take one minute to register on our website and it is free. Then you will get our discounted prices. What you need is only a valid email address.
  • Fast Delivery
  • We offer UPS, EMS, DHL, FEDEX, SAL, standard post services, aircargo and seacargo. Usually delivery time will be 2-14 days. Different delivery ways, different delivery time. We will advise best shiping way for you.
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  • Security is the top priority at We are registered in Hongkong and trusted company. We have tens of thousands of costumers all over the world.